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aletris pinkroot

Aletris Pinkroot brings a new, delicate sound to pop music, with beautiful, awe-inspiring tunes that will stop you in your tracks, as well as strong and groovy songs which are destined to get you out of your seat.
Based in Australia, Aletris Pinkroot is an indie alternative pop artist, destined to take the world by storm. With his debut EP, ‘unrequited’, Aletris lets us all know that he is not a force to be reckoned with. With the danceable likes of ‘Endless Lullaby’ and ‘Haunted House’ comes the quiet, understated songs such as ‘Whycantshebehim?’ and ‘Feel’. ‘unrequited’ is through and through a diverse but specific set of songs which are destined to create a space for themselves inside your mind.
With radio plays from Radio Adelaide and playlist adds from the likes of Eagles Nest Radio, Aletris Pinkroot is no stranger to the spotlight. The underground success of ‘Endless Lullaby’ has given Aletris a name in the Australian indie scene, one that is sure to remain in the coming years.
In the coming year, Aletris is planning a debut album, one that will accurately show his range of genre and individuality in the world of pop music. Expect big things.

Aletris Pinkroot Standing
unrequited ArtworkWhycantshebeme? Artwork



  • 1. Whycantshebehim?

  • 2. The Chair Song

  • 3. Cannibal

  • 4. Endless Lullaby

  • 5. Haunted House

  • 6. Feel


unrequited Artwork